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Occuspace (formerly Waitz Inc.) is a high-tech startup focused on delivering wait times and human congestion information sourced from BLE technologies. It has won multiple pitch and innovation contests. The company's primary tasks include: market research, IP research, financial forecasts, and business plan development.

Occuspace reports the real-time "busyness" for locations around campus. Their sensors are currently installed in Geisel, Biomed, Rimac, Main Gym, and PC at the University of California, San Diego. 


From Waitz to Occuspace

The company would like to rebrand its name and redesign the brand identity to better describe its services as a occupancy data company. It also serves an opportunity to branch out of the university campus to work with other universities or corporate offices in various industries.

The name, Occuspace, stands for "occupancy data" + "space," and the colors would be referenced from the previous Waitz logo as the company requested. 



After presenting the ideas, the client liked the circle-shaped logos, specifically the upper-right design. However, they would like to see it connect more with the company name, Occuspace.

Although my idea for the logotype was to make the logo itself look like an "O" and replace the actual letter, the client thought this made the company name unclear and would like to see the full company name displayed next to the logo. 


The finalized Logo resolved the client's concerns with unclear company identity in the previous version. To make more connection with the company's name, I oriented the logo into a "S" and had the full company name, Occuspace, in display. It is a simplified yet effective redesign of the logotype that suits the client's need.  

Made with         by Jacqueline Lee