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The Zone

Designing for well-being and healthy lifestyle


Graphic design intern


Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing


Illustrator, InDesignPhotoshop

The Zone is UC San Diego's lounge for student health and well-being. It provides free wellness programs that promote healthy living, personal development, and well-being resources. It also serves as a space for students to relax, de-stress, and make social connections. In between programs, The Zone is a lounge for students to hang out, study, take a nap, or enjoy a cup of tea. 

My mission as a graphic design intern at The Zone is to create marketing and graphic design materials to promote our wellness programs and events that bring the community's awareness to healthy lifestyle. Various marketing campaigns are designed to help The Zone launch its well-being events and programs. Because The Zone takes pride in maintaining an all-inclusive and friendly environment, we always strive to create our works with inclusiveness in mind. This means we design heavily with illustrations and utilize non-discriminatory graphics such as animals and objects.


Tea & Paint Night   

Tea and Paint Night is a quarterly event inviting students to come to The Zone and express their artistic talent, while sipping on some delicious tea and complimentary snacks.

The event is hosted during midterm seasons to help students de-stress and enjoy their time with good company.

tea n paint.png

Flu Clinic   

In collaboration with the Student Health Services at UCSD, The Zone provides free flu shot to registered students at our Flu Clinic program. 

flu clinic-01.png

Therapy Fluffies    

Therapy Fluffies is a popular weekly program at The Zone. We invite students to come de-stress and play with professionally trained therapy dogs. The design is inspired by our regular therapy dogs.

TF poster.png

Composting 101

In an effort to educate our visitors the importance and benefits of composting, I researched and designed the infographic poster filled with useful information and data. 


The Zone Stamp Card

To boost our program attendance, the graphic design team designed a program stamp card for the program attendees and visitors as an incentive for them to frequent The Zone programs more.


I designed the back of the stamp card, which includes 10 stamp circles. The graphics are inspired by the process of growing tea leaves, from planting seeds and harvesting the tea leaves to making them into tea bags and finally turning into a delicious cup of tea. 

stamp card.png

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